Stormwater Strategies for
Property Owners and Managers

Innovative approaches that are crafted to reduce the costs associated with Stormwater Management for property owners.

Development Maintenance

PEER Environmental, LLC

PEER is a stormwater strategy company that develops, designs, constructs and operates stormwater management systems that are retrofitted on existing properties.

Stormwater management is the effort to reduce the amount of stormwater (or melted snow) that runs off a property into streets, sewers, waterways or adjacent properties. In Philadelphia, property owners pay monthly fees based on the amount of impervious area on the property (roofs, walkways, drives and parking lots). Our projects on existing properties consistently result in fee savings of up to 80%, which in Philadelphia currently represents a savings of $5,120 per year per acre of managed impervious area. There are a growing number of municipalities that have or are implementing stormwater fees.

Philadelphia properties that were developed after 2006 were required to install stormwater management at construction, as is true in many municipalities. However, many property owners are confronted with the expense of preventing and/or repairing business disruption or damage associated with increasingly frequent and intense rain events. PEER has demonstrated ability to craft creative solutions to stormwater management, with an eye toward producing triple bottom line benefits (people, planet, and profit).

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Our impact to date


Acres Managed


$ Saved in monthly fee in Philadelphia


Gallons of Water Managed per "1" rain event

We have completed projects on 14 properties since 2015.


Strawberry Square Shopping Center

2301 N. 29th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132

PEER obtained a Philadelphia grant for the installation of three underground slow-release basins to manage runoff from over 11 acres of parking lots, roofs and City streets. The project included the addition of green space on this urban shopping center property and saves the property more than $31,000 per year in stormwater management fees that otherwise would be paid to the Philadelphia Water Department.

Aid for Friends

Baker Industries

Computer Components Corporation

Galdos Catering and Entertainment

La Salle University

Prodigy Learning Center

St. Vincent's Seminary

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Our Process



Review current stormwater flow patterns and primary concerns. Assess available information.



PEER will provide a proposal for implementing a design/construct project for the property. The proposal is broken down into phases, allowing the property owner to halt the process at several points.



The first stage is to develop a conceptual design, authorization requirements, full budget and funding plan for the project. As the current funding climate for such projects may require a significant contribution by the property owner, this is the first stage where the property owner can decide not to proceed with the project.


Final Design

PEER works with a short list of trusted technical and service firms to implement the concept. During this phase we also working directly with the owner, funding sources, and other stakeholders.



PEER works with a short list of trusted firms to construct the project. Both Union and non-Union firms are considered, depending on the size and location of the project as well as the requirements of the funding source. PEER oversees the effort to ensure that the work is consistent with project goals.


Close Out

Stormwater projects can include multiple stakeholders. PEER coordinates each stage of the project with stakeholders and funders to minimize surprises. The PEER credo is that “Good Enough is not Good Enough, ever”.



The ongoing maintenance of stormwater management systems is crucial to ensuring that the system continues to meet the goals for the project. Stormwater systems, properly managed, can function indefinitely. PEER provides maintenance recommendations and can work with the property owner to structure ongoing operations and maintenance for the system.

Our Approach

What PEER is...

  • Triple bottom line - People, Planet, Profits
  • An experienced developer of design/build public/private partnerships.
  • Aggregator of the interests of multiple stakeholders.
  • Creative, outside the box thinking
  • Supporter of local involvement and enrichment.

Who PEER is...

  • Creative and innovative, science-based leadership
  • A partnership with leaders of similarly minded supporting specialties:
    • Law
    • Finance
    • Ecology
    • Public Relations
    • Design and Permitting
    • Construction
    • Educational and workforce development


Dennis P. Shelly, P.E., Founder/Managing Member

35+ Years' Management Experience / Stormwater Management
Environmental Compliance / Liability and Risk Assessment

Seasoned environmental professional with extensive experience in the assessment and management of environmental, health and safety risk. Founded PEER Environmental in 2013 to develop, design, construct and maintain on‐site stormwater management systems in Philadelphia. Has successfully developed and completed Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects that are managing runoff from impervious surfaces on 14 properties.

Micah E. Shapiro, RLA, Director of Design-Build

16 Years' Management Experience/
Project Management/ Stormwater Management/
Stormwater Regulations/ Safety Compliance

Seasoned professional with extensive experience in the assessment and management of stormwater utilizing multiple technologies. Joined PEER Environmental in 2017 as Director of Design Build and has been instrumental in developing and managing numerous projects in that role. PEER has successfully developed and completed Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects that are managing runoff from over 60 acres of impervious surfaces on 19 properties.

Team of Advisors

PEER works with a select group of advisors in the development and implementation of every project, calling on their individual expertise as the situation dictates. Our consistent board of advisors assures continuity of the PEER vision for each project.

A. Engineering and Permitting – NTM Engineering, Mark Bowen

B. Environmental and Hydrogeology – Jamey Stynchula, GEI Consultants

C. Ecological – Stephen J. Souza, PhD, Clean Waters Consulting, LLC

D. Construction – American Sitework, Andrew Paluszkiewicz

E. Ecological - Stephen J. Souza, PhD, Clean Waters Consulting, LLC

F. Legal – David Scolnic, Esq., Hangley Aronchick Segal Padlin & Schiller, LLP

G. Financial – Fred Hosaisy, Your Outsourced CFO

H. Public Relations – Theresa Lundy, TML Communications

We're responsible...

We believe that to sustain and grow our business, we need to constantly remind ourselves that "Good Enough" is not good enough, ever. We rely on our reputation with property owners, our subcontractors and with governmental stakeholders to move our business forward.

We will not achieve perfection, but we strive to:

  • Be Responsive

    Our company name, PEER, is an acronym that stands for “Practical, Experienced and Effective Response”. You deserve nothing less. We will respond to emails and phone calls within hours, and use our experience to find the most practical and effective solutions for your needs. We treasure our “satisfied” clients, but do our best to move them to “happy”.

  • Be Respectful

    We work on your property, but we strive to treat is as if it was our own, leaving it better than it was before we started.

  • Create Jobs

    We hire based on potential, provide opportunity for growth through on-the-job and support of classroom development, and challenge our people to stretch their skills so that we can promote from within.

  • Be Green

    There is no one solution that works for all situations. Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is the goal. Green can be achieved through vegetative practices, but property retrofits generally are constrained by ongoing property utilization needs. Green also is achieved by reducing the volume and sediment load of runoff, protecting waterways and reducing downstream flooding. Our experience incorporates rooftop, surface and subsurface systems.

Or contact Dennis Shelly directly cell (610) 766-1938.


PEER coordinates maintenance services through Raintain, LLC., a division of American Sitework. PEER has worked with American Sitework on multiple projects and know that they will continue to provide the same responsiveness and quality of service that PEER has been known for previously.

They can be contacted as follows:

Ryan Boyle:

Andrew Paluszkiewicz: